Using A Bitcoin Mixer To Trade Automatically In Forex

What is a “crypto mixer” you ask? Simply put, a mixer is a software application used to combine multiple forms of currency together in order to disguise their origins and make it easier for people to mix funds. This is often done to hide the true value of one currency from another, or simply to reduce the risk associated with investing in mixed funds (usually in the stock and options markets). A mixer can be used for a number of different things, but the main goal is to hide the true transaction cost associated with various forms of currency.

Many companies have developed specialized software which they offer to clients in order to create these mixes. Some of these applications will operate in the background and only pick up on transactions when there is a need to. These applications then analyze all of the information that has been presented by both parties and determine what should go where, and when. The mixer program is then used to create a “Transaction Match”, which is simply a list of addresses and the balances of each of them. From this, the mixer program will generate an “ECN Currencies” report which lists the trades that have taken place, and the results of those trades.

However, in order for such a system to be profitable, there are a few important parameters that need to be met. Ideally, a large amount of free market money should be available for mixing, and all funds should be held in a blind manner. In other words, no one should know that the funds are being mixed until a specific period of time has passed, usually a few hours, after which the mixer program can reveal everything that it has found. Also, the volume of money being mixer should be relatively small, to reduce the risk of holding too many currencies. If you can meet these criteria, then you may be able to get a good bargain on a reliable mixer program.